I Desire To Be Known For....

After 20 plus years in practice, I have recently been challenged with the question of what I desire to be known for in my practice. The first thing that comes to mind is I LOVE what I do. The immediate gratification of seeing someone who has struggled, for a period of time, now have freedom and hope restored to do the things they have been told they may never be able to do again. Or maybe it's the opportunity to truly take the time to listen to the person's story, hearing their struggles, understanding what they think, encouraging how valuable their thoughts and feelings are to their healing, and assuring them they are not crazy.

I am very curious. I enjoy learning new things to add to my "toolbox" to share with others and help them balance their physical, emotional and nutritional well-being. Sharing my experiences, good and bad, with clients allows them to be vulnerable to share their struggles and successes, building an equal and open relationship. I desire for others to be educated from a variety of angles on health concerns so they can make the best decision for themselves and their family.

I share the perspective that the current situation is a gift. My wish is to encourage one to stay open and aware as to what that gift may be.

Be well.

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