Where Wellness Begins

The Patient in fact, has to be understood as a unique human being.

Where Wellness Begins...

 Non-Traditional Approaches to Healing

Physically, Emotionally and Nutritionally


"I have been working with Ann Hovey on and off since 2015. Whenever an issue arises that I am unable to resolve on my own with what I know (and with what Ann has taught me!) about energy medicine, I contact Ann! She is my go-to practitioner! Ann has helped me with many different issues using a wide array of techniques.  I always know that, if I am unable to resolve an issue, Ann will be able to figure it out! 

In the past, I have always gone to Ann’s office for treatments.  However, during the recent “social distancing” requirements, I have worked with her remotely via Zoom. I have also had her complete sessions with me while not even being “present” for the treatment! For those sessions, I was able to go about my typical activities while she was completing the treatment!

Regardless of the type of remote session, I have found each one to be very convenient and very beneficial! As an example, Ann recently helped me with two different issues that I just could not resolve on my own. I had been struggling with one of these issues for over two years!   In just three remote sessions, this long-standing issue was 90% resolved (and I am able to finish resolving it myself at this point!) and the other issue was 100% resolved. 

Given my positive experience, in general, with Ann and given my recent experience with remote sessions, I would highly recommend scheduling a remote session!  These sessions are extremely convenient and very beneficial…just as beneficial as seeing Ann in person. I would not hesitate to schedule another remote session with Ann should the need arise!"

-Paula D., Finger Lakes Region




Ann Hovey, (LMT; Professional Kinesiology Practitioner) is an established and respected massage therapist, educator, and consultant. She looks for clues as to why the body responds a certain way, allowing her to find the root cause of issues instead of chasing symptoms. She uses non-invasive assessment techniques and thinks “outside the box” in her approaches. Her therapy options come from a variety of different classes she has attended over the 20+ years in practice including muscle testing, massage therapy, deep tissue, intuition and more. She loves educating people about their bodies and how they work and helping to remove the fear that many have about their body. Ann loves motivating people to think about the sources of our health-related information, and to remember that those sources may not always have our best interests in mind. Looking at the client as a whole person; physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual, lets Ann remove blockages, and restore balance and synergy, so her clients can then choose to heal themselves. Ann truly believes that the body is a miracle and the more ways one can learn to remove obstacles, and allow it to flourish, the better opportunity people have to enjoy their life and pursue their life’s purpose.

Ann graduated from The Rochester Institute of Technology in 1986 with a degree in Business Administration.She worked in the corporate world for ten years, during which time her intuition began sending her signals that she would be going to school in Ithaca.In 1987 she endured an unfortunate foot surgery and lengthy recovery that allowed her to ponder where she was being drawn. Although she was told by many experts in the orthopedic field to expect a life with up to 40% physical disability, she wouldn’t and didn’t, accept it. She was guided to massage during her recovery, experienced an epiphany about the benefits of massage, and decided to become a Massage Therapist. She completed her training at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, located (as her inner voice had guided her!) in Ithaca, New York. After completing massage school she opened Heart & Sole Therapies. Since then she has expanded her services, as she continues to study numerous modalities to which she is drawn to learn. She knows that guiding a client to their perfect health may require multiple types of therapy.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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